What is a Premium Snapchat and All You Need to Know to Make Money Online



What is Premium Snapchat?

Today I will try to tell you more about premium snapchat, what is it actually and can it really be that much profitable for you.

You all heard for snapchat, a cool “little” app that can help you to connect with your friends, world, easily communicate and of course send some nudiez ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now what I personally don’t like about it, is that we follow what is trendy and the names like “premium snapchat” just keep popping up. Honestly it destroys hard working folks like us and yourself in the adult and any other industry.

We are constantly promoting ourselves as “premium snapchat” app when in reality we are something much more and different than you used to seeing online. When I say we, I mean infloo and all we do here. Infloo can help you to create your own private premium blog/website, where you decide what you share, how much are you willing to charge and who can see your content.

But we will talk more about it later….

Let’s start with the best premium snapchat websites list.

Best premium snapchat websites list:

Infloo – ups here we are ๐Ÿ™‚
Where to start, let’s mention our features like option to add your premium snapchat link (optional), schedule posts, screenshot prevention (android users only), ip geo blocking if shy and much more. We like to send payments over paxum and paypal, starting percentage is 60% but we always increase that if everything goes well on start. In your profile settings you can see everything from number of subscribers, their comments, who liked your content and some additional features that will blow your mind. Our apps are easy to use, post content on the go and stay up to date with your followers and earnings.

OnlyFans – they are our competitors to be honest, as much as any other website we mention here. They started few years ago and they attracted many online celebrities, fitness instructors and adult stars. We give them a recognition for trying to change something in this industry, they have a lot of features and daily payouts.

Patreon – Ohh boy, a site that started with adult niche and attracting a lot of adult performers, plus they raised over $100 or $150 million, I’m not even following that anymore. They keep only 5%, but there is a catch, they are trying to distance themselves from the adult content and if you plan to work there, be prepared for anything, like getting your account disapproved. But I must give them respect for a number of social media influencers they attracted.

ManyVids – They are not a premium snapchat app but more like your premium adult store where you can sell your online content, as a whole or selling every content separately. Many of our own influencers are working both with us and on manyvids, Sometimes it gets me frustrated when people ask me if we are new ManyVids and how is that they cannot see anyone else using our website.

There are many more sites like

and many others that we will not mention because as I said earlier are our competitors ๐Ÿ™‚

So to make the point clear “We are not ManyVids, OnlyFans or premium snapchat app”.

If you remember tumblr, wordpres, blogger, then you know what we are, come on, you cannot be that young to not knowing all these websites?

Infloo is like your own private premium blog, and we have our own “premium snapchat app” that’s right, all you can share and all you can make in the fastest possible way is only possible by using infloo, profile creation is made so much easy that even my grandpa could make a profile under 5 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyhow, let’s get back to track…

How to Make Money With Private Snapchat

It’s quite easy, after creating profile, uploading content and setting up your price, your best move would be to share your infloo link with your followers. Preferred is to add content daily and to share your link daily, after all it is your daily job if you know how to appreciate your audience.

When it comes to adding content, we created a feature where you can schedule as much content as you want in order to automate your income, this way you can earn smart passive income each day and your followers will appreciate regular updates.

Listen to your subscribers and make sure that you create various types of content, you cannot earn passive income with boring content right?

Premium Snapchat Prices

You can setup any price you like, our recommendation is to charge anywhere between $15 to $30 a month. Because after we take a cut (small one, we need to eat too) :), you will bring a huge piece of pie home. To attract more subscribers you can use a lot of different keywords like “snapchat porn” “snapchat girls” “nude snapchat girls”etc…

How to Make Premium Snapchat?

Easy, you don’t need to, just create profile on websites we mentioned above or on our own and share your link. But please stay humble and work hard, nothing comes overnight, don’t wait for someone to just pay you and to do nothing in return. We noticed in this industry that some influencers just want money to be sent to their paypal account and they don’t bring any value, don’t be like that.

There you go, it’s funny that I mentioned this keyword so many times in this post and still trying to tell that we are not that, but we need to follow the trends. Because honestly people sometimes don’t understand us and what we are trying to accomplish until we mention this trendy topic and title.

Thank you for reading, test us out and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Dan (founder)

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    • Hello Sabrina, you can create profile at infloo.co/register and inside your profile setting you will have an option to add your snapchat username. Your username will be available only to those who subscribed.

      Hope this helps.
      Thanks for visiting.


  • Heya! I just set up my account on the app, I’m a little confused on how to set up my price and such. Would appreciate skme help!

  • I havent sold photos and vids online in a while and this is very new to me. I dont have any followers and am starting all over. I’ve tried registering but cant seem to get past the request that I list a url of a social media site. I dont want to include a site that I use for my every day life as I wish to keep that separate. Is it a prerequisite for infloo? You just seem too perfect for what I’m looking for and it’s getting frustrating โ˜น

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